Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Emily Ormsby - Sarcastic Fringehead

The sarcastic fringehead is quite a unique fish. I especially enjoy its fins and markings, as well as its big dopey mouth. Aww aren't you cute little-


        -usually around 3-8 inches, but can reach up to a foot in length

        -Pacific Ocean, off the west coast of North America
        -takes shelter in empty shells, cracks, and occasionally bottles and cans
          thrown into the ocean
        -shelters protect from larger predators
        -the size of the fringehead's shelter typically coincides with the size of
          the fish living in it
        -extremely territorial and protective of their homes
        - hides its body in its shelter and uses its large mouth to threaten and
          attack intruders

        -the fringehead's diet is unknown
        -many closely related fish eat crustaceans like shrimp and small crabs
        -due to its sharp teeth, it is most likely capable of grasping smaller fish to
         eat as well

        -females lay 3,000 eggs in a crack or borrow
        -nest is guarded by the male
        -eggs attach to the nest and each other to stay in place
        -newly hatched fish are only about 1/10" long

        - 6 years

        -displays its mouth to look larger (seen above) and intimidates by snapping
         its large jaws
        -known for their aggressiveness and poor sight
        - as a result fringeheads will attack anything that comes close to its home
        -will fight with other fringeheads over territory by 'wrestling' with open
          mouths pushed together (see video below)
        -fits into small openings by backing into them, leaving the head ready to
         lash out and attack

Other facts:
        -females have smaller eyes than the males
        -related to goby's and many other saltwater fish
        -gets the 'sarcastic' part of its name from its temperament
        -'fringehead' refers to the appendages and fleshy tissue around the mouth



  1. Oh man! Thats one crazy fish...thing. Good find!


  2. What a cool alien. That video is so hypnotizing. Kiss-fighting!