Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stephen Green - Scutigera Coleoptrata

I've toned down the background in order to make it less of a focus.  I had a lot of trouble finding female/male versions of this type of centipede.  I know that the males often deposit sperm on eggs however it was also tough to find exact pictures of house centipede eggs.  I'm not positive they mate often and it seems as if it really happens outside during the spring/fall.  It also seemed like most the eggs of the differing types of centipedes looked very similar.  I might draw some more of these guys tomorrow but I figured I would post these as the deadline has technically arrived. Thanks for the thoughts and recommendations everyone.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    This insect terrifies me as well. I've had the misfortune of accidentally stepping on a few in the dark- not an experience I would recommend.

    I like that you faced a fear with this one and hopefully now that you know some more about it, it's dulled the terror. You think about what in the shape really freaks you out and keep it in your bag of tricks for something creepy later.

    As far as your drawings- you did a nice job with the color and the overall shape, but I would have loved to see you go into a little more detail with at least one. They are all pretty quick and sketchy right now so I'm not seeing that you learned as much information about the anatomy as you could. Look at all the details in a close up shot like this: and see how much you are missing. The specific shape of it's pattern, the hairs on the mandibles and legs. The way the joints connect. That's all creature design gold!