Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Silhouette Monster

Mike Yamada - from The Skillful Huntsman
Now that you've pushed yourselves by churning out a bunch of silhouettes and hopefully got out of your familiar shapes a bit, it's time to pick one to take further. Try to choose a silhouette that is very distinctive and maybe a little out of your comfort zone. Start making up the details for your creature, similar to what you did with your troll. Collect both animal and human reference for help on gesture, anatomy and texture.

  • Choose a genre (adult scifi video game, children's fantasy animation, horror film etc)
  • Choose an environment (jungle, deep sea, outer space, desert etc)
  •  Choose a culture (tribal, hive-mind, society, caste system, western or eastern influenced etc.)
  •  Choose a time period (primitive, middle ages style, steampunk, future etc)
  •  Choose a level of intelligence and personality. 
  • Make up a short history that helps support its culture. 
  •  Share sketches of any animals/human/clothing reference you may need to flesh out the details.
  • Name your creature!

Arrange your creature and any sketches/studies you want to share in  800 x 1000px documents (landscape orientation) 72 dpi.

 Push yourself: Create three "Accessories" that your creature might be found with. Either tools, weapons, clothing/jewely, vehicles etc.
Push yourself MORE: Design either another creature from the world you have created or a home/environment.

   Due Monday  July 31st

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