Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Final Design - Savanna Ape

Savanna Ape

Genre: General Fantasy

Habitat: Savanna/plains

Culture: Feral Beast

Time Period: Future

This creature would be more of a background character than anything. I see it as an environmental element, just a run-of-the-mill inhabitant of a savanna setting. Not a main character in any story he would be a part in, and any interaction would be minor. Perhaps a smaller foe for a protagonist, before facing the larger predators in the area.

It is an evolved creature that lives on earth in the future. It would co-exist with animals that live today, or at least their more evolved forms.

Many animals today share traits with others that far outside their species, Like moths that look like hummingbirds, or mammals with large duck-like bills (Talking about the hummingbird moth and platypus here!). So I took the same route with this guy. He is a primate, but shares a lot of features with cheetahs. He has the long limbs, large ribcage and lungs, and flexible spine made for long strides and amazing speed. It also has spots to aide in camouflage.

I hope you guys enjoy!



  1. This is looking really good! I like how you incorporated a couple different stances as well as an idea of what this guy looks like while moving! Really nice sense of form with the fur too!

    One nitpicky thing from me- check the drawing of the front hands and maybe reference them from an ape photo- they seem a little noodly right now


  2. Like I said before- I still love the idea of this creature. I think what you started with the fur (getting variety in the length and adding some patterns) is a great start. I agree with Brittany, that the hands could use some more character. Do some studies of gorilla hands and really pay attention to the knuckles and folds in the skin. I think you could also go a little further in distinguishing the skin texture from the fur texture with some texture-specific. highlights. Is the skin leathery? Smooth? Shiny? The light could be a little more dramatic to illuminate the textures. maybe reconsider the overall anatomy of the eyes too. Reference pug dogs or pekineses to get a feel for how big eyes sit in a smaller skull like this.

    I really like this design- he's unique and you have a good sense of character and movement. I think you should push him some more for a portfolio piece.