Thursday, August 1, 2013

Silhouette Creature-Brittany

Hi all!
This one is definitely not quite as finished as I'd like it to be-- but today's the deadline so here we are!

I'd imagined this creature being from a dystopian future, either an experiment or a freak of nature resulting from the meltdown of a nuclear plant near a swamp.

The legs are very frog like and the torso appears to have vestigial nubs where limbs once were. It is not a creature you want to be anywhere near, as its very undiscerning about what it eats. The jaw can unhinge much like a snake's, making it capable of devouring just about anything.

This was definitely a challenge for me- I tend to soften everything i draw so doing something creepy/pointy/uncomfortable is sometimes a difficult stretch. I'm not completely happy with it yet but its on the road to getting there!


  1. This guy's really unique! I really enjoy the shape of his face, and his cynical kind of expression. It works well as a unique creature but he also has a personality to him. I also enjoy the colors! Bright but also sickly in a way, perfect for a toxic mutant of a beast. This is much creepier than a lot of other things you do, but I think you got the feel of it really well!

    The positioning of this guy is kind of strange, though. I feel like his legs would be tucked in closer to his body. His head, neck and wings suggest mid-flight, in which case he would have tucked in his legs after take off instead of letting them kind of dangle.

    I'd pay attention to wing structure as well! (I'm a stickler for wings haha...they're tricky, getting them to a point were they could lift a creature off the ground). Wings of any sort, with the exception of pseudo-wings on gliding animals, are modified limbs. They're the same basic parts as an arm, just spaced differently and with webbing in between or layers of feathers. In a bird's case, the finger bones are kind of fused together, but you still have definite shoulder and elbow joints:


  2. I like that you recognized your tendency to soften your work too much and decided to challenge yourself. I think the way you handled the tears in the wing are particularly effective. I think now is the time to go in and decide what can be softened now, so he doesn't look too much like a paper cut-out.

    I think Emily's points were very well-put. Especially on the wings and legs. I encourage you to draw this guy in a couple more action poses to really get a feel for the anatomy- especially that unhinged jaw! That's a great detail.

    I like what you are starting to do with the different textures as well. Whether it's a brush or an overlay, that leathery texture works especially well on the wings. If you go back into this, consider adding a couple different textures (scales? Smooth skin) in different places on the body to break it up more. Also try to wrap some of the textures and patterns around the various shapes more. Such as on the legs.

    Good start- keep working!