Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Wild Munna Appeared! Realistic Pokemon from Britt, Plus Some Goblins!

I've been painting goblins for a book cover for about 6 hours today, so when I checked in to see the blog, I decided to take a few minutes to use Emily's Pokemon project as a brain refresher. (before I get back into the goblin-y fray!)

I only started playing Pokemon this year, and I instantly fell in love with Munna. She's just about the opposite of things I usually draw. Round, Pink, Girly, Flowery, Easily Stackable, and nibbles up the dreams of pokemon like candy. What's not to love?

(My friends keep buying me little Munnas. They stack nicely on my studio windowsill)

Below is a 45 minute-ish speed paint, I'll do a bit more on it later this week I think. I was stumped as to how to start, and by Emily's suggestion, I based her off a tapir... they do have similar noses! Working in Munna's flower spots is tricky but I think as I develop the skin/fur texture they're going to be a little more abstracted and part of the "real munna's" coloration!

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