Sunday, October 20, 2013

A fun surprise in Pacific Rim - Emily

First off, if you guys haven't seen Pacific Rim yet, I highly recommend it! Monsters galore in that one, and some great designs!

We started off our blog with some studies on some real life creatures, and this movie shows how you can take that sort of study into creature design. Many of the kajiu in the movie are each based off a different animal, yet they share basic characteristics such as texture, color, and basic shape to appear as though they are very similar species. There's a shark-like kajiu, gorilla, bat, crab and even...

A sarcastic fringehead fish!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my old fishy friend in that movie after doing studies on in for this blog.

Here are a few bits of kaiju concept work from

Enjoy guys!



  1. This movie was amazing. Need more giant monster fights.

  2. THEY WERE AWESOME. You can see so many actual animal parts included in the kaiju... creature design concepts at work!