Friday, June 7, 2013

Idea Generating... The Troll-Roll

In the spirit of fantasy and game art (and challenging myself!) I wrote up a grab-bag list of world cultures, technology periods, and other options and broke out the 6, 10 and 20 sided dice. 

I know I have certain cultures and periods I lean toward, so I hope this will give me a fairly random selection of traits to work from. I rolled 10 different troll options so I could see a variety. (because I still like options)
I’m doing this D&D style kids... Get ready for the Troll Roll.

After 10 Troll-Rolls, I’m between Columbian, Dark Ages, Small Village troll with Average intelligence and a Mexican/Mayan/Inca/Aztec flavored tribes during the colonial era with very high intelligence.

I really like the idea (and texture set!) of a South American-ish Jungle Troll, and its an area that I haven’t researched much since 5th grade history class, so I think it’ll be a good stepping stone. I remember really loving learning about the early Mexican cultures so my instincts are leaning in that direction.

For this project I want to push myself with the drawing, to make it as solid and believable as possible, and texture, which I still struggle with. 

I'll post my numbered lists in the comments if any of you would like to use it too. I thought it was a fun way to push myself out of my usual box!


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  1. Here's what I threw together:

    Culture Influence (by no means an exhaustive list! I just grabbed a broad assortment)
    1- South African
    2- Egyptian
    3- Middle East
    4- Eastern Asia
    5- Southern Asia
    6- Greek
    7- Mayan/Incan/Aztec/mexico
    8- Colombia
    9- American
    10- North African
    11- Italian
    12- Irish/Scottish/Celtic/UK
    13- Indian
    14- Samoan
    15- Space
    16- Australian
    17- Northern Asia
    18- Eastern Europe
    19- Mainland Europe
    20- Arctic

    Time/technology Period
    1- Prehistoric hunter/gatherers
    2- Ancient
    3- Dark Ages
    4- Renaissance
    5- Baroque
    6- Industrial Revolution
    7- Colonial
    8- Contemporary
    9- Futuristic
    10- Post-Apocalyptic

    Level of intelligence
    1-10, 10 is very intelligent, 1 is animalistic, (check the D&D scale on this one!)

    Social Habits
    3- small family units
    4- complex cities
    5- small villages
    6- Troll-topia! (A whole world inhabited largely by trolls)