Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Assignment: Silhouette Overload!

While we all get around to sharing feedback about your Trolls, here's the next assignment:
Christopher Burdett
Johan Steen
Sean Bigham
In all concept art, churning out a bunch of ideas in a short amount of time is a key skill. And in creature design, this means being able to develop a large variety of very unique shapes without a second thought. One of the easiest techniques to get there is the humble silhouette. It takes a lot of sketching to get out of your familiar shapes and really start exploring, so let's get back to basics here by stretching our silhouette muscles and our imaginations


1 week 100 silhoettes (or more!)  Deadline August 1st.

Medium: This is probably easiest done either digital with a fairly big brush,  thick markers or brush with ink/ dark watercolor. Allow yourself to get some big abstract shapes- you don't want to get wrapped up in detail! You should be able to get these done in a few hours.

If you are having trouble getting started/making your silhouettes different enough, think of some interesting keywords to help some shapes emerge. For example: Sinuous, Solid, venomous, fluttery, lethal, deep sea, dominating etc.

 Arrange  in  800 x 1000px documents (landscape orientation) 72 dpi.

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  1. Hey all
    Im trying to design a fantasy card game and i seriously suck at drawing, but I need some silhouette art just like this.
    Is this free to use ? The game will be being given away for free on one of my websites ... Im just in it as a hobby. but Id be willing to either credit the artist in the game material or pay a small fee to buy the art assuming I have all rights if its purchased...either way works for me, I just want to get the game finished