Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stephen Green - Troll WIP

I decided to go with a Japanese Fire-God themed troll.  The fire god (or Kami) was brought about upon the creation of the world and thus began the death of the world.  The troll has a demonic presence.  This idea was fueled by goggling trolls and trying to decide what kind of influences I wanted the creature to have.

These creatures cause fear in any who come in contact with them.  They are top heavy creatures with short legs that somehow support a large bulk.  Their heads are tiny in proportion to such massive bodies.  With huge fists they smash their way through a cavernous volcanic habitat.

I need to make sure that it's feet properly support the weight of its body before moving onto another drawing.  Of course I want to do some more small silhouettes.  

The creature needs a scary pose to showcase it properly. Finally I need to work on using some reference to creature texture on the creature which my last pieces were lacking in.  I'm thinking that since the creature lives in a volcanic cavern (perhaps mountains around Japan) that it's bulk is made of scale like metal that would reflect volcanic light.

More soon!


  1. Hi Steve! These are looking good. I'd love to see more refined drawings of how his body structure supports the larger top half; The crouching pose does help, but is there perhaps defined muscle in the legs that supports the frame? What does their movement look like with these proportions?

  2. Oh I love the design so far! The concentration of mass in his upper body make this guy sure look like he could pack a punch. Perfect for the environment you chose! I'm excited to see where you go with the volcanic light and textures

    I agree with Britt on this one. I know it still have some work to be done on it, but from the look of it now, the right (the trolls left?) arm is looking short. It doesn't seem to have much by way of joints like the other hand. The hand itself looks like it would be great for gripping and tearing away at rock, but without the proper mobility of his arm, I doubt he'd be able to maneuver himself to get much of a grip, making that awesome hand pretty useless.

    If you were going for an asymmetrical hunchback sort of look, I would keep the arms the same length and angle the shoulders more, making one arm hang lower than the other. Or have his left elbow bend, keeping the drill closer to him ready to strike as the heavy bludgeon/club/smashing hand hangs down. I dunno if that's the general shape you were going for, but just some thoughts!


  3. Hi Steve,

    You got some really great feedback from Brittney and Emily. I also like this idea but want to see what else you can put into it, as it is very rough right now. Get some different angles going, so we can understand the structure better and do some work on his back story so we can get some authentic detail started on him. Why does he need to smash his way through his environment? What does he gain by reflecting the light? Is it defensive to blind enemies? Camouflage?