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Next Assignment: The Troll

The Hobbit - Newline Cinema
The troll has appeared throughout history in myths, folktales, literature and film. Its stories are ripe with visual inspiration that and it can range from purely animalistic to nearly human in its portrayal. While the “proper” troll is Scandinavian in origin, many cultures have their versions from the Yeti to Bigfoot. More recently it has appeared in several popular franchises like Lord of the Rings, Hellboy, Harry Potter and Skyrim, Each version completely different. (Think of how diverse the Cave Troll from Fellowship is from the three trolls in the Hobbit! These are clearly different species)

John Bauer
The Details:
·         Choose a culture (Asiatic, European, American etc)
·         Choose a period (contemporary, ancient history, middle ages etc)
·         Choose a level of intelligence for the troll and personality. Choose a culture for the Troll. (solitary, tribe, small family unit, hunter/gatherer, animalistic survival etc) Make up a history for the troll that helps support its culture. The Troll’s culture may be related to the geographic culture but still different.
·         Minimum of 10 silhouette studies
·         Share sketches of any animals/human/clothing reference you may need to flesh out the details
·         Two versions. Either a completely different design, different gesture (like running and standing), portrait close-up from a different angle or clothing choice. Choose whatever you think will make you work on your weaknesses most.
·         Arrange your troll and any sketches/studies you want to share in  800 x 1000px documents (landscape orientation) 72 dpi.
·         Push yourself: Write a short story that details a day in the life tale of your Troll. Push yourself MORE: illustrate a scene from it.
·         Due Monday  June 24th

A very incomplete list of Resources:

The works of JRR Tolkien
Swedish Folk Tales- illustrated by John Bauer (ever wonder where Brian Froud got all his inspiration for his Dark Crystal Mystics? Look at some John Bauer trolls.)
Troll- a Love Story by Johanna Sinisalo (this is a beautiful contemporary novel and very different take on the  Troll)

Fellowship of the Ring - Newline Cinema

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